Where do you feel most beautiful?

With Earth Month coming to a close, it is important that we acknowledge the inspiration behind Lovesong: nature.


Transport yourself to the forest floor.  You are walking in the shade of the trees on ground cover that produces white, cream, or pale pink flowers.  The foliage around you is deep, vibrant, and emerald.  The wood and bark are ancient and wise, and the air is crisp and refreshing.  Everything in the forest is connected harmoniously with delicate balance and exquisite beauty.  An enchanted garden that fills the soul and reminds us (profoundly) how we are connected to nature.

The thought that many of these wild spaces will be devastated for future generations by natural causes or human activities fills us with sadness and regret.  We play a role in contributing to the future; and if the task seems too great a burden, think about things that are within reach, attainable, small contributions that you make (with intention) to protect planet earth. 



The exquisite beauty found in nature inspires our botanical formulas, packaging, and more. For this reason, we knew that we wanted to have a charitable aspect when launching our brand. We selected 1% for the Planet for this simple reason: “because companies profit from the resources they take from the earth, they should protect those resources.” — 1% for the Planet, About Page

Since its inception in 2002, "1% for the Planet has helped direct hundreds of millions of dollars to environmental non profits around the world, aiding in one common goal: protecting the future of our planet."

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In addition to this charitable partnership, we strive to make the best decisions for both you and the planet.  This is why Lovesong Beauty is bottled in aluminum and glass, boxed with recycled paper, and we use eco-friendly shipping materials including cello tape, greenwrap, and tissue paper that are compostable and fully recyclable.  We are just getting started and hope to continue to develop our ethos and contribution to help preserve and protect wild spaces for future generations; because with nature, in nature, and around nature, we feel most beautiful.

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