Emily's Favorite Things - Part 1

Emily's Favorite Things - Part 1 [Beauty Heroes Subscription Box]

Introducing my favorite clean beauty box. The perfect way to experience new skincare and hair care products, the Beauty Heroes subscription box consistently delivers.  

What makes this box soooo special? Each month, Beauty Heroes works to carefully select full-size, healthy beauty items from brands you likely haven't experienced before. Top sellers made with ethical, environmentally friendly, and conscious production standards. Each month's curation is seasonally selected and beneficial to use immediately. Every item included is free from harmful ingredients and full of healthy ingredients. In addition to these amazing benefits, the Beauty Heroes subscription box is just the right size. Two-to-four high-quality items valued at a combined total of $120+. 

Now the fun part... savings. There are four options to fit your wallet and lifestyle. 

  • The most popular subscription plan is the three-month box at $45.95 a month ($137.85 one-time payment). 
  • I subscribe to the six-month box at $41.95 a month ($251.70 one-time payment). For the six-month box, I'm saving $78.05 per month ($468.30 savings over 6 months). 
  • In addition to the subscription box savings, Beauty Heroes subscribers save 15% in the clean beauty shop to repurchase favorites at a discount anytime you need a restock.

In every box, you’ll find a detailed pamphlet with brand, product, and ingredient information. I love reading these inserts and learning how to incorporate each new item into my beauty routine. The Beauty Heroes subscription box is packed with care and arrives in perfect condition. I'm delighted to receive boxes promptly at the begging of each month.

There are a ton of subscription boxes available, but Beauty Heroes has won the day and I've been a loyal customer for over a year now. I can't wait for you to experience this subscription box, and please share your thoughts and feedback when you do.

xx, Emily 

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