Sustainable Beauty Packaging Solutions

When it comes to beauty packaging, it isn’t always an easy task to cut through the noise to determine what items are better for the planet. There is no cure-all solution either.  From a brand perspective, it can often be difficult to find eco-friendly packaging solutions that do not require imports and significant transportation.  But the good news is that there are plenty of ways that you can make conscious purchasing decisions that help reduce adverse environmental impact.  Your support in the way of conscious consumerism will help advance sustainable packaging initiatives. Here, we will help simplify the world of sustainable beauty, and explain the reasons behind our packaging decisions. 


We know plastic is a big problem in the beauty industry and beyond.  Beauty brands are switching to post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic packing options, which can be a step in the right direction, but still pose some big hurdles.  Only about 9% of the plastic we consume is recycled.  Each time that plastic is recycled, the quality downgrades.  After 2-3 recycling events, the plastic quality decreases to where it can no longer be used.  When making PCR packages, virgin plastic will often have to be added to make the package functional.  Dark plastics, such as black, navy, or dark brown, cannot often be seen by sorters in recycling facilities and so they end up in landfills.  The most eco-friendly step you can take is to reduce plastic consumption.  


Did you know that 85% of women in the U.S. walk out the door having used sixteen beauty products like face wash, moisturizer, and individual cosmetic products?  What’s more: it’s estimated that 20-40% of these beauty products end up in the trash can.  Reducing consumption to avoid waste and duplication in your beauty routine can make a big difference. 


Aluminum is widely and infinitely recyclable if lightweight and uncontaminated.  Around 30% of all aluminum is recycled today.  We hope to see this number continue to grow because aluminums recycling lifecycle will last far beyond our lifetime.

Glass is 100% recyclable and recycled at a 31% rate.  Recycled glass can be used to make new packages of equally high quality.  Manufacturing with recycled glass helps lower the carbon footprint of production, since recycled glass is already the correct consistency.

Paper, which includes cardboard and cork, has the highest recycling rate of all materials at 68.2%.  This presents a good biodegradable solution.  For every ton of recycled paper, you can save 17 trees.

HOW TO RECYCLE?  Avoid breaking glass as there is no market for recycled broken glass.  Remove plastic or cork lids, pumps, and caps.  You do not need to remove labels as these come off during a heat treatment process.  Ensure that you do not place mixed materials in the same recycling bin as this could contaminate your recyclables to where they can no longer be recycled.  We recommend that you give bottles a rinse, but this is not always necessary.  Place bottles and paper in the recycling bin or take items to a certified recycling facility. 


Look for ways to reuse some of those beautiful and sustainable beauty packages.  Empty beauty containers make the ideal vessel for DIY projects found on Pinterest, and for taking your favorite cosmetic products on-the-go when traveling.  


(glass, plastic, and aluminum)
- Remove as much product as possible
- Soak in soapy water overnight
- Rinse with rubbing alcohol
- For glass bottles only: boil submerged in water for 10 minutes to sterilize 

Lovesong Beauty is committed to finding eco-friendly solutions for beauty packaging and beyond. Our products are bottled in recyclable aluminum and glass.  Our product boxes are made with recycled paper.  We source sustainable shipping materials including recyclable and compostable tissue paper, green wrap, and stickers, and recyclable boxes and tape. All items are made in California using renewable wind energy. We are happy to offer a solution to reduce carbon footprint through a partnership with Cloverly on our website. And, we give back to environmental causes through a partnership with 1% for the Planet; donating a percentage of every sale to preserve and protect wild spaces for future generations. 

Most importantly, it’s what’s in the bottle that counts. Lovesong Beauty products are free of parabens, sulfates, silicones, petroleum, phthalates, dyes, synthetic fragrances, and synthetic preservatives. These ingredients and chemicals to avoid can cause ecological harm during the manufacturing process, and when products go down the drain.

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