The first-ever dry shampoo gel. This game-changing formula absorbs quickly, leaving your hair and scalp feeling super clean between washes.

Every pump soothes and detoxifies your scalp while offering relief from sensitivity issues like dryness and dandruff.

Formulated with ingredients found in nature, like wakame (seaweed), green tea, witch hazel and aloe vera, this good-for-all-types gel delivers antioxidants and nutrients at the root for an extra boost of strength and density.

Can be used daily or overnight.

USAGE: Apply 4-6 pumps to dry hair between washes. For a flawless daytime finish, blast roots with a hair dryer after applying.

SCENT: Floral, with fragrant botanical extracts of rose de mai, jasmine, vanilla planifolia and vanilla tahitensis.

Bottled in glass and boxed in recycled paper.