After a years-long search to find the best natural and organic beauty products that actually worked (seriously, we tested hundreds), we realized that most of them were a compromise. It was surprisingly hard to find products that were accessible, provided results we love, and made us feel as beautiful as nature intended. But you know what they say: if you can’t find what you’re looking for then make it yourself. So that’s exactly what we did.

We created Lovesong Beauty with the goal to make the kind of innovative, luxurious, natural beauty products you covet — with the kind of results you deserve. But the Lovesong story starts even before you open your first product. It began with my career in the natural products industry, where I've spent the last fifteen years as a sales executive for natural and organic food brands.

With a personal passion and curiosity for luxurious beauty products, I kept up with offerings in the natural beauty space and was surprised that beauty brands were not following suit by amplifying offerings and taking significant share of the overall beauty space. This gap in the marketplace planted the seed of inspiration to build a brand of my own that was inspired by nature, but it also showed me that there were a lot of questions to answer. Like what kind of brand was missing from the world and how we could rethink the way we celebrate natural beauty. We became dedicated to researching companies big and small to learn what worked, what didn’t, and what ingredients offered the best results.

Most brands that we tried didn’t offer the kind of results that were better than the status quo (or worse, made my hair feel greasy and dull). But there were other hurdles too. Better brands had inconsistent availability and high shipping costs. Others claimed to be natural but had synthetic fragrance, preservatives, and high amounts of alcohol in their formula. Every product I didn’t like was a lesson in how Lovesong could do better and create cleaner products with natural and organic ingredients.

Lovesong took time, exploration, a few trials, and a life-altering pandemic to come into the world. It’s been amazing that we were fully capable of seeing our dreams become reality and to leave a legacy behind that benefits the planet — and your self-care routine. We chose every ingredient for their wellness and beauty benefits, and to give you results you love. They are innovative in form and function and I hope they become your new clean beauty staples. Because we all deserve to feel beautiful, inside and out. Just as nature intended.

Love, Emily
Lovesong founder