Plastic-Free Round Mondo Hair Ties

Super strong, gentle on hair, stylish, and plastic-free. These are the Hair Ties the world needs right now. Made of organic cotton and natural tree rubber, these major multi-taskers look like the old-school hair elastics you grew up with, but they’ve really come around.

- 100% plastic-free Hair Elastics
- Vegan, made from plants
- Handcrafted from premium organic cotton and natural tree rubber
- Over 2.5x stronger than your average hair tie
- Gentle on hair
- Great for thick hair, big curls, man buns, on your wrist
- Eco-friendly
- Certified sustainably sourced organic cotton (52%)
- FSC Natural tree rubber certified by Fair Rubber Association (48%)

CARE: Biodegradable materials are, by nature, capable of being broken down and returned to the soil (eventually). KOOSHOO products are created in a way that makes them durable, strong and high performance, but they’re still plant-based materials, which means they will wear down (just as intended) - but proper care can extend their life. To maximize longevity, avoid storing them in direct sunlight, stretching them while wet, or letting oils and hair products linger on them. Wash your Hair Ties with like colors in cold water and lay flat to dry. Good as new.

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